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Download Hay Day Mod APK ( Unlimited Gems/Coins/Seeds) V1_46_150


Hay Day game is one of the most played farm management games. In this page, you will get direct link to download Hay Day Mod APK for free with unlimited gems, diamond, coins. Hay Day mod is one of the best simulation move I have played so far. The game is filled with much fun and provides player great entertainment. In this article, I will be discussing all you need to know about Hay Day Mod.


Hay Day game was developed by SuperCell, it was released in 2012. Over years now, the game have had thousands of downloads. People play this game on daily basis, and some end up getting addicted to it. The game is available in over 112 countries. Hay Day mod teaches you how to become hard working and product. For you to be successful and think smart.


hay day mod apk


Features Of Hay Day (Mod, Unlimited Gems/Coins/Seeds)


  • Unlimited coins
  •  Unlimited seeds
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Building and customize your farm full.
  • Deliver orders using your trucks And steamboat.
  • Build and customize your individual city and welcome guests.
  • You can trade chops with neighbors.


Build & Simulate Farm Life


This game is basically farm management, in this game, the farm is old and needs repair. Your job is to build it and recover all the lost lands as well make it productive. You have to complete the task stage by stage. The game starts with minor tasks which includes repairing houses, building chicken houses, harvesting and planting of chops. This game gives you full farming experience, don’t forget that you can harvest each plant three times. After the third time, the plant will wither and you can remove them with the help of your friends and visitors.

Hay Day also supports raising of animals, you can build and take care of your own farm animals. The game currently supports the raising of the following farm animals -pigs, sheep, chickens, dairy cows, horses, and goats. There are many benefits attached with cow rearing. You can use the raw materials from your cow to do many things.

When harvest is due, you can harvest your crops and store them in your warehouse. Sell them off or use them to reproduce in another season.


Trade And Exchange Goods


In Hay Day gameplay you can trade your produces with others. The game aim is not to farm and produce for yourself. It is far beyond that, expand your farm and go into full commercial farming. Grow your wealth through mass production of goods and sell them off, and become rich.

Though the game is mod version which comes with unlimited coins. But you still have the opportunity to trade your farm goods and make more money. The easiest way to sell is supplying to the nearest city. Many people there needs your farm produce, they will always use the request board. Which gives you the opportunity sell or reject the offer.

When you reach level 7, you will be eligible to open an auto shop. In this shop, you will be able to market your goods. Set price for your farm produce and get them sold off.

In level 17 you will unlock the harbor. From this level you will take orders from people round the world. You can now supply your goods around the world. The ships leaves every 4 hours. Make sure everything is ready before then to get to your right customer. This is market, you can accept the offer from a buyer if is good or reject it. Grow your farm and make more money.


Awesome Graphics


This game was developed in 2012, over the years. The company have released many series with great improvement on user experience and user interface. Hay Day mod APK has one of the best graphics. The game have been designed to give. The design is cool and impressive with well designed environment.


Build And Decorate Your Farm


In this game you are the farm manager. The arrangement and design is in your hands. The game is not all about plants, it will be boring if so. You can design the farm, build houses, new gates, fences and put the farm in order.


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hay day mod apk


The Game Play


If you have been following me, you will understand that this game is all about living the life of a farmer. In this farm you will live in a farm and handle all the activities going on in the farm. You will grow and build your farm, harvest and store them.

Though this game is not as easy as you think, but is very interesting and addictive. Work on your farm with friends and hired laborers. You will also rear animals and make use of their raw materials to produce materials.


Hay Day Mod Graphics Review


Below is a review of the app interface, see what the app will look like on you device when installed.



Users Review On Hay Day APK


User 1 ( Deborah Wolfe)Game is fun, in the beginning it’s a little slow, but most games are. The higher the level, the more things there are to do. Helpers cost diamonds, sometimes they are worth it. Diamonds can be earned in game play in small amounts, mostly you have to buy them, not bad though. Getting into a neighborhood isn’t hard, the derby is fun, especially since they aren’t normal derbies anymore. And the neighborhood request box was a really nice add on! Overall really fun game. Thanks so much Supercell!


User 2 ( Kay Scott)Honestly one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded and played. I honestly just wish there was like a mini – games section that you can make diamonds and coins, while waiting for your crops. It truly doesn’t take that long to load but, it can be a little boring when starting off and don’t have a lot to check on the whole time. Later on in the game you’ll probably forget about the mini games section, because you become more busy with the farm itself. Please consider an update! Thanx.


User 3 ( carrie phillips )- I love this game, but I think there needs to be a feature on that you can search what you need on the newspaper, for example: You need potatoes so you search and it comes up with all the listings of potatoes. It is also hard once you get above level 50 because not many things appear in the newspaper except rustic boutiques, jewelry, etc. Also, as one reviewer stated, there should be a mini games section so you have something to do while your crops are growing. Have a good day😊


Game Information


Name Hay Day
Package com.supercell.hayday
Publisher Supercell
Category Farming
Version  Latest
Size 130M
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds/diamond
Requires Android 4.0.3 & Above



Download Hay Day Mod APK ( Unlimited Gems/Coins/Seeds)


Download Mod APK 1

Download Mod APK 2

Download Original APK 



How To Install Hay Day Mod On Android


  • Uninstall any version of hay day game on your phone. Proceed and download the latest version using the link above.
  • After downloading Hay day mod file, navigate to your phone Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. Click it to allow all permissions.
  • Now, locate your hay day mod APK file and install it.
  • Once the installation process is completed.
  • Launch the game and start playing.



Hay Day Mod Video Review




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Hay way mod APK is one of the best farm simulation games. Enjoy great gameplay with unlimited premium features. Don’t waste anymore time, get hay day mod and build your own farm.


This is the mod version of the app, publishers will always release new version to patch up. Don’t forget to visit Games Mod APK Regularly to get update or join us On telegram to receive update immediately we publish.

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